Our Chapter

About SASE at Rose-Hulman

We, the chapter of SASE at Rose-Hulman, work to bring SASE’s mission to fruition through the workshops we host, the events we plan, and the conferences we attend.

We are a resource for Asian students to:

• bond socially,

• develop professionally,

• and strengthen culturally.

Contact and Connect with Us

You can find our chapter on Facebook (@SASERHIT) or reach us by email at RHIT (at) saseconnect (dot) org.


Jianan Pang

Computer Science, Class of 2021

Vice President

Seiji Takagi

Mathematics and Computer Science, Class of 2020


Andrea Wynn

Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Mathematics, Class of 2022


Kuiwen "Tommy" Zhang

Mechanical Engineer, Class of 2021

Professional Development Chair

Rubing "Russel" Wu

Optical Engineer, Class of 2022

Social/Cultural Chair

Andrew Calvert

Civil Engineer, Class of 2023

Marketing Chair

ZiYao Yin

President (2018-19)

Jennifer Hong

Mechanical Engineer, Class of 2020


Dr. Jong Hun Kim

Associate Professor of Economics