Friday, February 28

7:00 pm Reception - Living Room

Saturday, February 29

8:00 am Check-in - Front Entrance

8:30 am Breakfast - Vonderschmitt Dinning Hall

8:45 am Opening Remarks - Vonderschmitt Dinning Hall

9:00 am Breakfast Speaker - Vonderschmitt Dinning Hall

10:00 am Breakout Session 1 - Various

11:00 am Breakout Session 2 - Various

12:00 pm Keynote - Vonderschmitt Dinning Hall

12:45 pm Lunch - Vonderschmitt Dinning Hall

1:40 pm Breakout Session 3 - Various

2:40 pm Closing Remarks - Lake Room

3:30 pm Career Fair/Networking Session - Kahn Rooms/Living Room

5:30 pm End of Day

Breakout Session 1

Elevator Speeches

By Lilly

This elevator speech workshop is designed to teach students the importance of elevator speeches and ways to develop their own. The ability to give an elevator speech can be beneficial in many different areas such as interviews, career fairs, LinkedIn, or a confidence booster in public speaking. Wade Stallings II, a mechanical engineer from Eli Lilly will be on campus to deliver this workshop.

Deep Learning and AI

By Dr. Yosi Shibberu, Professor of Mathematics at Rose-Hulman

Deep learning—sometime referred to colloquially as AI—is at the center of a wave of innovation that is changing the way consumers interact with products. Deep learning has become increasingly important in science and engineering applications. It is being used to solve challenging technical problems such as autonomous driving in unstructured environments or enabling robots to grasp arbitrary objects. Deep learning is a special type of machine learning that automates the generation of useful data features. In this workshop we give a high level overview of deep learning and its capabilities.

My Marathon Diversity Journey

By Marathon Petroleum

Interactive and engaging dialogue by Marathon Petroleum Company (MPC) employees that speak about their experience being an Asian employee at MPC.

Breakout Session 2

Marathon Petroleum Company: Learn. Grow. Contribute.

By Marathon Petroleum

An engaging information session by Marathon Petroleum Company (MPC) employees to explain the MPC internship/co-op experience. Real talk Q&A about all things MPC related with the employees who were interns/co-ops and now mentor interns/ co-ops.

Networking for Introverts

By SASE National

The person who asks the questions controls the conversation. Join SASE Nationals and add practical networking tools to your tool belt to build bridges with anyone you meet. In this workshop, you will learn some tips to start and keep a conversation, especially if you are like me and identify as an introvert who enjoys introverting. Plus, hear about opportunities to practice what you learn in this workshop to make an impact in the SASE community.

Finding Your Leadership Philosophy

By NSWC Crane

This session will help you provoke thought about the content of leadership philosophies and how to develop, maintain and evolve your own personal leadership philosophy. An interactive session lead by Therron Thomas and John Bings. Therron Thomas is a thirty-year veteran of the US Army, a retired Sergeant Major and is currently the affinity recruiter for NSWC Crane. John Bings, an electrical engineer graduate of Rose Hulman Institute of Technology and currently the lead recruiter for NSWC Crane.

Breakout Session 3

Leadership in the Marine Corps

By Capt. Edge, US Marines

What are the character traits that make the best leaders? Do you aspire to make a difference or positive impact in your family/community/world? This workshop will be a discussion on leadership from the perspective of a captain in the United States Marine Corps. We will examine the tested and proven leadership model that has created some of the world's best leaders in combat since the founding of the Marine Corps in 1775.

Bubble Tea Banter (A SASE Leadership Panel)

Panelists: Pia Muyot (Board Membership Representative), Chris Lui (MW Regional Manager), Randy Hsu (MW Program Coordinator), Ashwin Malik (Giving Manager), Tiger Cheng (RMR Manager), Han Yong Wunrow (MW Regional Coordinator), Vaish Medikundam (MW Regional Coordinator)

Come sit down with members of the SASE National and Midwest teams, and chat about our experiences navigating the world as young professionals, the transition from undergrad life, and what influenced us to be the leaders. What's one thing you wish you knew in college? How has SASE helped you become the leader you are today? What are you proud of, and what would you do differently? Bring a coffee and find some answers to the burning questions you have about life as a young Asian professional.

First Impressions Really Do Matter!

By Kathy and Cathy, Rose-Hulman Career Services

You might think that making a good first impression is really about using common sense -- and you would be correct. At the same time, we constantly hear horror stories from recruiters and employers about the unfortunate things job-seekers do -- resulting in extremely poor first (and often last) impressions.

In this interactive session, two career services veterans with over 30 years combined experience will share do’s and don’ts, and tips and tricks to help you navigate first impressions: from getting the job interview, succeeding at the job interview, and then succeeding at your job.

Cathy McGregor Foster recently retired after working at five different universities, both big and small, assisting students with their career search. Kathy Kassissieh has spent the past 14 years here at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, where she is currently the Associate Director of Career Services and Employer Relations.